Did you know Erythritol is a prebiotic?

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Erythritol: The Sweetener That's Good for You

Erythritol is a natural sugar substitute that's quickly gaining popularity, and for good reason! It has 0 calories, doesn't raise blood sugar levels, and has a number of other potential health benefits.

Here are just a few of the ways that erythritol can sweeten up your life:

  • It's good for your teeth. Erythritol can help to prevent cavities and plaque formation.
  • It's good for your gut. Erythritol is a prebiotic, which means it feeds the good bacteria in your gut.
  • It's good for your weight. Erythritol is low in calories and doesn't raise blood sugar levels, making it a good choice for people who are trying to lose weight or manage diabetes.

And now for the best part: erythritol is the sweetener used in our instant iced tea crystals! So you can enjoy all the deliciousness of iced tea without any of the guilt.

Here are a few fun ways to enjoy our instant iced tea crystals:

  • Make a classic iced tea. Simply mix one packet of crystals with 1 cup of water and ice. Enjoy!
  • Create your own unique iced tea flavors. Add fresh fruit, herbs, or spices to your iced tea for a fun and refreshing twist.
  • Make a frozen iced tea treat. Freeze your iced tea in a popsicle mold or ice cube tray for a delicious and refreshing snack.

No matter how you enjoy it, our instant iced tea crystals are a delicious and healthy way to cool down on a hot day. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try today!


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